RR51: Galaxy Quest Review

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RR51: Galaxy Quest Review

We’re back from our break with a special episode. Next week, we begin our Trek back to Discovery but this week we’re taking a look at something Star Trek adjacent, something many fans have adopted into Trek fandom due to its spirit and message. Of course, we’re talking about the 1999 sci-fi comedy, Galaxy Quest! We kick things off with a little news from Nicholas Meyer about his previously unknown Star Trek project, Ceti Alpha V, and then dive into a discussion about Galaxy Quest, surely the most humorous of the Star Trek movies.

We’ll be back next week with our first Short Treks discussion, a review of “Runaway”.

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How do you feel about Galaxy Quest? Does it live up to the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek? Where would you rank it among the 13 official Star Trek movies? Comment below or hit us up @RedshirtsPod on Twitter! Don’t forget to subscribe to Redshirts & Runabouts! The links are below!

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