It’s Been a Long Road…

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Redshirts & Runabouts
Redshirts & Runabouts
It's Been a Long Road...

It’s Been a Long Road…!

getting from there to here. It’s true. We started this podcast a little over 3 years ago with the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery and our first new Star Trek on TV since the end of Enterprise. Since then, we’ve covered both season of Disco, Picard, Lower Decks, all of the feature films, Galaxy Quest, and some more in between. This week, the mission comes to an end, much like The Original Series.

We close things out with a discussion on Star Trek: Lower Decks Ep. 10 “No Small Parts” and the first season as a whole. We also talk Star Trek news including a huge returning star for Prodigy. We also provide some hopes and thoughts for Discovery Season 3 which kicks off this week. Finally, we say our goodbyes to the podcast and wish you all the best.

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Live long and prosper.

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