RR50: Star Trek Beyond Review

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Redshirts & Runabouts
Redshirts & Runabouts
RR50: Star Trek Beyond Review

Celebrate 50 episodes with us as we conveniently complete our Star Trek movie reviews with the third Kelvin timeline film, Star Trek Beyond! We also discuss the rumors surrounding the Michelle Yeoh Philippa Georgiou Star Trek spinoff series. Let’s make some noise!

We’re taking next week off to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US but we’ll be back the following week for something a little different. You’ll have to listen to this week’s episode to find out!

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What did you think of Star Trek Beyond? Are you a fan of the Kelvin timeline? Where does Beyond rank among the 13 Star Trek films? Comment below or hit us up @RedshirtsPod on Twitter! Don’t forget to subscribe to Redshirts & Runabouts! The links are below!

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