Light and Shadowed by General Order 7

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Light and Shadowed by General Order 7

It’s a big news week in the Trek fandom with pre-production moving along with the unnamed Picard series with news on directors, casting, and possible series titles, plus some about Discovery’s future! Then we turn our attention to the episode of the week, Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 7 “Light and Shadows” which provides our first look at Spock, a new temporal anomaly, a Matrix cameo, and a ton of troll arguments about General Order 7. So strap in, put on your time seatbelt, pop your time popcorn, and let’s time warp!

We’ll be back next week to review Discovery Episode 8 “If Memory Serves”!

What do you think of the new director and casting news for the Picard show? Should the series be titled Star Trek: Destiny?

What are your thoughts on “Light and Shadows”? Do you feel that Discovery is being held to a double standard by gatekeepers? What are you feelings about General Order 7?

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