Gamer Heroes Play: Super Bomberman

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Gamer Heroes makes the move from podcast to streaming as Jon and I play some Super Bomberman on the old SNES. That’s right, we start back in 1993 with a classic Super Nintendo game featuring the likes of the White, Black, Red, and Blue Bomber… people.

Check out the video below and subscribe to us on YouTube and Twitch to catch our latest video game streams. We’ve got some other fun SNES streams coming soon including the Aerosmith game, Revolution X, Top Gear 3000, and Super Street Fighter II!

(We know there’s some audio level issues with the commentary but we’ll get that fixed in upcoming streams. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.)

So what did you think? Are Jon and I just the best Bomberman players you’ve ever watched? No? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Let us know which games you’d like to see us stream. We’ll be playing more SNES plus adding games from other Nintendo platforms like the N64 and Switch and even other modern titles from Xbox and Playstation. Stay tuned!

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