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GH04: Resident Evil & Mobile Gaming

Resident Evil returns to the console world with Resident Evil 7 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We talk the new aspects this game brings to the Resident Evil video game franchise and why that might not be such a good thing. Then we break off to discuss mobile gaming and how it’s different from handheld gaming. We talk some common mobile game tactics like freemium and pay-to-win, plus some diamonds in the rough to help you through that long car ride. While we hit the big names like Dungeon Keeper, Pokemon Go, and Super Mario Run, we talk about some lesser known titles like the iOS exclusive Goblin Sword and the classic cow jumping game, Abduction!

2:30 – Microsoft Project Scorpio Dev Calls out Sony’s PS4 Pro

7:45 – Tekken Returns 

16:20 – Currently Playing

17:50 – Resident Evil 7

34:00 – Mobile Gaming

1:10:00 – Closing and a chance for a free Steam game!

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