GH05: The Delayed But Whole

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GH05: The Delayed But Whole

Castlevania is coming to Netflix, South Park gets delayed, and the Nintendo Wii U era comes to a close. We also take a minute to remember NAMCO founder and Pac-Man creator Masaya Nakamura. We talk about these current events and then dive into our main topic, handheld gaming with the Nintendo DS line and Sony PS Vita. And yes, it’s different than mobile gaming.

1:30 – Castlevania coming to Netflix

7:30 – Nintendo News: Wii U & Switch

16:20 – South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delay

19:00 – The Passing of Nakamura

21:30 – Handheld Gaming: Nintendo DS & PS Vita

43:15 – Favorite Handheld Games

51:45 – Closing

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