GH07: Welcome New Challenger in VR

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GH07: Welcome New Challenger in VR

Nintendo Switch gets new launch day titles, plus some clarification on bluetooth functionality and the virtual console. We talk about the latest in mobile gaming including new games from Futurama and Power Rangers! Then it’s all VR, AR, 3D, and the like as we talk about where video game technology is trying to go and whether or not it’s currently working. Last but not least, we welcome Zach, our new host to the show. So give him a warm welcome.

5:25 – Mobile Gaming News: Pokemon Go, Futurama, and Power Rangers

26:55 – Nintendo Switch News & Updates

39:10 – VR: Virtual Reality (Our Main Topic)

1:03:40 – Closing

What are your thoughts on VR? Is the technology ready for prime time or are people just riding the VR train for a quick buck?

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