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Gamer Heroes 10: Overwatch + Orisa

Overwatch brings a new character, Orisa, to the public servers on March 21st. We sit down with our first guest, Ryan Couture of Screen Heroes and Buster Props, to talk about the addition of this new Overwatch character, how she plays and fits into the ecosystem, plus our general feelings on Blizzard’s entry into the first-person shooter world.

We cover some news including information on Microsoft’s Project Scoprio, sales info for the first week of Nintendo Switch, a bit about a new subscription offering from Sony for PS4, and even a universal controller hitting Kickstarter soon.

2:30 – All-Controller coming to Kickstarter

6:30 – Sony’s new PS4 to PC streaming service

10:45 – Splatoon 2 Global Fire Demo & Nintendo Switch sales info

17:15 – Project Scorpio update including Fallout 4 in VR

23:15 – Overwatch and the addition of Orisa plus other PTR changes coming

59:45 – Closing & Contest Info

Have you tried our Orisa in the PTR or after public launch? What do you think of Overwatch’s new tank? Let us know!

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