GH11: March Madness Showdown – Part 1

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GH11: March Madness Showdown - Part 1

Part 1 of our March Madness announces our 16 competitors and first 8 matches. Then, we battle out the first four: Mario vs Rayman, D.Va vs Link, Master Chief vs Samus, and Gordon Freeman vs Star Fox. We talk abilities, weapons, fighting styles, opportunity, and more until we determine a winner for each of the four matches. You’ll have to listen in to see who moved on to the quarter finals. Check out the full bracket below and then let us know who you think should win each match!

Gamer Heroes March Madness Bracket Starting


0:45 – News: Orisa Goes Live; Super Mario Run hits Android; Joy-Con Grip Kit from SurgeSuper Bomberman R Gets Patched; Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first two weeks sales

11:40 – March Madness Showdown Begins

13:55 – Mario vs Rayman

20:20 – D.Va (Overwatch) vs Link (The Legend of Zelda)

33:00 – Master Chief (Halo) vs Samus (Metroid)

48:30 – Gordon Freeman (Halflife) vs Star Fox

55:15 – Part 1 Recap and Part 2 Preview

57:00 – Closing & Contest Info

What do you think of our first four match-ups? Did we get them right? Did we miss the mark? Comment or hit us up on Facebook to let us know!

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