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GH17: Shovel Knight Interview

Yacht Club Games, makers of the smash hit indie title Shovel Knight were awesome enough to sit down with us for an interview! We talk with two of the original founders of the company, Ian and Sean. They’ve been with Shovel Knight even before there was Kickstarter. We talk about their contributions to Yacht Club games, what they do day-to-day, and then dive into Shovel Knight. We hit on the Kickstarter, stretch goals, initial release, expansions, bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch, and the newest release, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Plus, Ian and Sean talk a little about the final two major components coming to the game slated for 2017.

0:15 – Introduction with me (Derreck)

1:20 – Interview begins with Yacht Club Games

3:55 – King’s Knight Campaign

7:00 – Expanding the game from Kickstarter

14:00 – Bringing Shovel Knight to Nintendo Switch

19:45 – Treasure Trove and new features like body swap mode

27:00 – Amiibo compatibility

31:00 – Ian and Sean’s final thoughts and Shovel Knight in 3D

35:30 – Contra NES streaming and closing

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Jon Czerwinski
Derreck Mayer

Special Guests
Ian and Sean from Yacht Club Games

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Derreck Mayer

Derreck Mayer

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