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GH27 - Top Guilty Pleasure Games

We all have those guilty pleasure things we love, whether it’s “Take on Me” by Aha or going to specific restaurants because they have a Pokemon Go Pokestop. This week, we talk about our Top 3 Guilty Pleasure Video Games! These could be from any era on any platform. We go into detail as to why they made the cut, why we love them to this day, and why maybe we shouldn’t be so embarrassed to play them.

There’s also some news in the mix including a developer who has already hit a performance wall on the Xbox One X, a Taco Bell cross-promotion, and Minecraft’s crossplay. We also end up in a little debate about platform exclusive DLC and retailer exclusives.

00:40 – Xbox One X Developers Hitting Walls

08:10 – Taco Bell’s Xbox One X Promotion

10:45 – Minecraft Enters Crossplay Beta & the Lack of Sony

12:50 – Platform Exclusive DLC Discussion

20:50 – Top 3 Guilty Pleasure Games

45:40 – Contest Details and Teasing Next Week

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