GH35 – PS4 Updates & SNES Glitches

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GH35 - PS4 Updates & SNES Glitches

PS4 gets a big update, FIFA18 has some weird graphics, SNES Classic glitches, Stardew Valley releases, and BlizzCon sets the schedule all this week on Gamer Heroes! Plus, we’re moving to a new day! Starting next week, we’ll be premiering new episodes every Tuesday! So make sure you keep with us on our new day.

02:50 – Big Schedule Announcement!

05:55 – PS4 5.0 Update & Andrew House Leaves Sony

12:30 – Halo goes Augmented Reality

19:30 – Blizzard Releases BlizzCon Schedule

25:30 – FIFA18 and Nintendo Switch Graphics Issues

31:15 – Stardew Valley Lands on Switch

37:10 – SNES Classic First Impressions and Glitches

48:30 – Game Contest & Show Details

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