GH55: Fallout 76, Atari VCS, and PSVR

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GH55: Fallout 76, Atari VCS, and PSVR

We bring on Ryan from Screen Heroes to talk the latest in video game news plus some of the games we’ve been playing recently. First up, it’s all about Bethesda’s big Fallout 76 announcement. Ryan helps us understand where Fallout 76 fits into the existing franchise’s timeline. Then it’s a discussion about the Atari VCS Indiegogo which launched and brought in over $2 million in one day. Next up is a bit about Red Dead Redemption 2 which has gone on pre-order and has some confusion surrounding its Playstation timed exclusive content. After that, we talk a bit about the upcoming E3 along with some predictions. Finally, we wrap things up by talking about Ryan and Jon’s first experiences with PSVR.

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