RR07: Saru and Pandora

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Redshirts & Runabouts
RR07: Saru and Pandora

Saru gets an away mission but before that, non-corporeal aliens show up a lot in Star Trek. In fact, the Q and Voyager’s Kes are among some of the more well known energy beings. This week, we talk about our favorite non-corporeal alien episodes of Star Trek and we manage to cover three different series with our picks!

Then, we provide our spoiler-free thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery Episode 8 “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”. We do pause for a moment and then dive into spoilers discussing the opening battle, Saru’s away mission on a familiar planet, and a return to the Klingon ship of the dead, among other things.

Join our three-man crew for a journey that will span decades, every episode, every series, every movie, and every possible timeline no matter how small.

Come to Kansas City Comic Con November 10-12 and see us at booth #643! Three of the shows on the network will also be hosting live panel episodes! Hit up our Facebook page for details.

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