RR30: Charlie and the Horta

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RR30: Charlie and the Horta

For our big episode 30 “Charlie and the Horta”, we bring on our show’s first guest (if you don’t count our convention floor interview with Doug Jones)! Hearth Barker of The Tricorder Transmissions network joins us to talk about two classic TOS episodes, “Charlie X” and “The Devil in the Dark”! Just like we’ve been doing, we tackle one low rated episode and one highly rated one. “Charlie X” is rated quite low, usually due to how is handles sexual harassment and the male ego. “The Devil in the Dark”, on the other hand, shows us the first Vulcan mind meld and a side of Spock we aren’t used to seeing.

Next week we review “Miri” and “Space Seed” (we swapped episodes, sorry about that)! Don’t miss it.

How do you feel about “The Devil in the Dark”? Does it hold up to time? Do you like the horta? Is “Charlie X” really that bad? Yes. Yes it is.

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