RR37: TNG Mek’ba Season 2 Silver Linings

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Redshirts & Runabouts
RR37: TNG Mek'ba Season 2 Silver Linings

We conclude our Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Mek’ba challenges with our favorite note so great episodes that have silver linings! Show co-host Derreck defends his episode, “The Royale”, while our guest, Zach Story, defends his pick, “Pen Pals”. We also discuss the results of last week’s listener poll for our Best Pulaski of TNG Season 2 Mek’ba which saw “Unnatural Selection” go up against Up the Long Ladderr”. We also cover some Star Trek news including information from SDCC.

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What do you think of our two episodes? Which one is the best not so great episode of TNG Season 2? Do you think there is a better episode we missed? What are some future topics you’d like us to have in our Mek’ba for future TNG seasons and other Trek series?

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