Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer Reaction

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Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer Reaction

This week is our first reaction episode. We sit down and watch the new Ghostbusters trailer live on the podcast and then break down our thoughts. We discuss what the trailer does for the upcoming film, including thoughts on humor style, special effects, music, and casting choices. We also talk about whether the earlier parts of the trailer imply that Ghostbusters is not a reboot but actually a long-lost sequel to the original 1984 film.

We even took questions from our live internet audience! How?

Well, to add to the fun, this is the first time we also hosted a Twitch live stream of us recording the podcast! That’s right, for the people who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, they were altered that they could join us on our Twitch channel to ask questions and watch us live! This something we’ll continue to do, so hopefully you’ll join us next week!

We also announced that this is the LAST episode of Screen Heroes to be dual published on the Grid Talk RSS feed and that Grid Talk is returning this Friday in a new format that will also include live streaming! So, stay tuned and join us Thursday night for a live recording of a new episode of Grid Talk!

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Derreck Mayer

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