Batman v Superman Analysis

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Batman v Superman Analysis

The DCEU has officially started with the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film is bringing the cash along with complex opinions that range from a sub-30% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes to +70% by fans on the same site. People either love or hate this movie with little room for middle ground. With that in mind, we decided to sit down and discuss the main characters, plot points, and expectations for the film and upcoming DCEU movies including Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. So there are lots of spoilers here! You’ve been warned. We also did a poster give away for our viewers who watched the live stream on Twitch as we recorded! We’re not sure what the next give away will be but keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook to find out and make sure to tune in live next week!

Listen to our thoughts and then let us know yours! What did you think of the movie? Are you excited for the future films? Who was your favorite character and who do you think would win in a showdown between DC’s Trinity? Comment below!

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