The Rise of Skywalker Crossover Review

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The Rise of Skywalker Crossover Review

Screen Heroes and Echo Station celebrate their respective Season Finales just in time for the holidays! It’s time for a crossover as Ian from Echo Station joins Ryan and Derreck of Screen Heroes to review Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, closing out a Saga 42 years in the making. There’s tons of spoilers, opinions, and discussion in this extended episode! There’s so much to cover, we don’t even talk news! So, grab your lightsabers, blue milk, and thermal detonators, it’s Saga time!

Happy holidays and may the Force be with you, always.

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Crossover Podcast Credits

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Hosts: Derreck Mayer | Ryan Couture | Ian Turner

Executive Producer & Editor: Derreck Mayer

Music by Flying Killer Robots


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