MCU: The Good with the Bad – The Sequel

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MCU: The Good with the Bad - The Sequel

It’s our 200th episode celebration! Rae, Ryan, and Derreck return to the topic that started it all, MCU: The Good with the Bad, with a sequel episode discussing what’s working and what isn’t from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In our first episode, we broke down this topic back before Captain America: Civil War, before Agent Cater was canceled, and before Luke Cage or Iron Fist landed on Netflix. Now, over 4 years later, we’ve closed out another phase of the MCU, the Defenders and Marvel TV is all but closed up, and the landscape is more different than we imagined.

We also cover news, something we didn’t do when Screen Heroes launched. We talk Venom 2’s title, HBO Max’s upcoming launch, and more!

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