2017 Film & TV Predictions

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2017 Film & TV Predictions

We’re back with a whole new season in a whole new year! Screen Heroes returns for Season 3 to talk about our 2017 predictions for movies and TV shows! We provide our predictions for the following 13 questions:

  • What movie will make the most money in 2017?
  • What movie will be our personal favorite or best for 2017?
  • What movie will we dislike the most?
  • What movie do we think will surprise everyone (positive and negative)?
  • Which blockbuster film will bomb?
  • What will be the best comic book movie of the year?
  • What will be the worst comic book movie of the year?
  • What new TV are we most looking forward to?
  • What TV show will get canceled in 2017?\
  • What TV show will get a surprise renewal?
  • What long-running show will come to an end (min. 4 seasons)?
  • Which franchise do we think will get a reboot announcement in 2017?
  • What animated film will perform the best in 2017?

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