GH01: Begin Level 1

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Gamer Heroes
Gamer Heroes
GH01: Begin Level 1

Welcome to the first episode of Gamer Heroes, a new video game podcast from the Heroes Podcast Network! Hosted by David, Jon, and Derreck (me), the show will focus on PC, console, handheld, and mobile gaming from classic generations to today and beyond.

Please be aware that this show is marked as explicit content and will contain adult language.

We kick things off with introducing ourselves. We let you know who we are and what got us into gaming. This introductory episode is just a taste of what’s to come, letting everyone know our gaming backgrounds and what we are looking forward to in 2017.

Be sure to join us next week! We’re going to cover all of the (hopefully) exciting news from the Nintendo Switch event!

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Dave Doherty
Derreck Mayer
Jon Czerwinski

Executive Producer
Derreck Mayer

Derreck Mayer

Michael Wallace (Flying Killer Robots)

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