GH08: 2017 Predictions and a Side of Switch

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GH08: 2017 Predictions and a Side of Switch

2017 is looking to be an interesting year in gaming with Horizon Zero Dawn, the Nintendo Switch, and maybe even Project Scorpio. This week, we sit down to provided our 2017 predictions for the upcoming year. This includes consoles, games, companies, you name it. Who will have their title delayed? Who will surprise us with a crazy new concept? We’ve got three people and 21 different predictions ranging from the generally accepted to the absolutely crazy.

And yes, we also talk a bit about Nintendo Switch as it just released and we managed to each snag one.

But that’s not all! We also announce the winner of our show’s first contest but you’ll have to listen in to find out who the winner is.

1:45 – First iTunes Review Contest Winner & Our Next Contest’s Details

3:25 – Nintendo Switch has Landed: Two must have accessories

10:45 – 1 2 Switch

23:10 – FAST RMX: F-Zero style Indie game

32:40 – 2017 Predictions for Gaming

1:18:30 – Closing

Did you pick up a Nintendo Switch launch weekend? What do you think of our 2017 predictions? Comment with your thoughts and hit us up on Facebook!

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