GH22: Classic Consoles for Days

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GH22: Classic Consoles for Days

Classic consoles are everywhere with announcements of the SNES Classic, Atari’s return and more! Plus, we talk Steam’s Summer Sale, Superhot, and Zelda DLC. First, we discuss some of the games we’ve purchased on the Steam Summer Sale, plus a bit about Best Buy’s latest pre-order deals. Then, it’s off to Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s first DLC pack which is officially live. Once we cover the latest, it’s on to our main topic: Retro Gaming and Classic Consoles. We dive head first into Nintendo’s SNES Classic, discuss how the NES Classic was handled, and talk about the significance of Star Fox 2’s long awaited release. Then it’s on to Sega Forever hitting mobile, Atari’s surprise console announcement, and finally, a little about Superhot.

0:30 – Steam Summer Sale & Best Buy Pre-Orders

05:30 – Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

7:40 – Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Drops

9:50 – Impostor Retro Gaming with the SNES Classic

28:00 – Impostor Retro Gaming with SEGA Forever

37:20 – Atari Returns to the Console Wars

47:50 – Currently Playing

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