GH23: Doomfist Arrives

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GH23: Doomfist Arrives

Doomfist has landed! Overwatch has officially announced and made playable their most anticipated new character, Doomfist. He is now available in the PTR, so we talk about his abilities, role, fit with the Overwatch world, plus a bit about the voice not being Terry Crews. We also talk about Halo 5’s Xbox One X 4K features, four other Halo games coming to Xbox One, Splatoon 2 news, and Mario Odyssey skipping the game over screen. Finally, I talk about my thoughts on the Gears of War franchise after completing the latest title, along with the third Divine Beast in Breath of the Wild!

We’re sorry for the echos in the audio. We had to try a new setup temporarily and it seems to have caused inconsistent echos. It won’t happen next time, promise!

02:20 – Gears of War 4

9:30 – Link’s Third Divine Beast

12:30 – Mario Odyssey Removes the Game Over

20:15 – Splatoon 2 Deatails

24:30 – Halo 4K and Backwards Compatibility

32:30 – Doomfist Arrives on Overwatch

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