GH29 – SNES Classic Meltdown

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GH29 - SNES Classic Meltdown

The SNES Classic pre-order launch was a complete disaster! But before we rant about the details, we talk about several other noteworthy items including Age of Empires’ resurgence, the Xbox One X pre-orders and optimized games, Overwatch’s new Junkertown map, plus the latest non-DC characters to hit Injustice 2!

02:50 – Junkertown comes to Overwatch

07:10 – Age of Empires IV Definitive Remastered Super Editions

19:25 – Non-DC character comes to Injustice 2

24:50 – Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Pre-Orders and Optimized Games

30:45 – Rocket League’s Nintendo Exclusives for Switch

37:15 – SNES Classic Pre-Order Disaster and Why Nintendo isn’t all to Blame

59:10 – Closing Thoughts and Contest Details

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