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Unless your job is literally to watch movies, like a professional critic or commentator, it’s difficult to stay up to date on the literally dozens upon dozens of films released each year. With that in mind, Screen Heroes started the Fill Our Holes series, collection of reviews and discussions on older movies that at least one of our hosts never had the opportunity to see.

How does the Fill Our Holes series work? Well, our three hosts alternate picking a movie that at least one of the other hosts have never seen. We all sit down to watch it and then perform a Retro Review of the movie with some discussion around production, casting, box office, and other behind the scenes topics. These Retro Reviews can come from any genre and any decade as long as at least one of us hasn’t seen it yet.

Do you have a movie you think is a must see that was easy to miss? Hit us up @ScreenHeroesPod on Twitter and give us the suggestion! We just might add it to the Fill Our Holes series!

Hero (2002) | Rae’s 1st Pick |

The Time Machine (1960) | Derreck’s 1st Pick |

The Cable Guy (1996) | Ryan’s 1st Pick |

Children of Men (2006) | Rae’s 2nd Pick | Coming Soon!

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