RR35: TNG Mek’ba Season 2 Best Riker

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RR35: TNG Mek'ba Season 2 Best Riker

This week we warp into Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 with another Mek’ba! In our Best Riker of TNG Season 2 episode, Jeremy and Derreck go head-to-head with the episodes they think are the best of Riker for the season. Jeremy brings “The Icarus Factor”, an episode that showcases double the Riker. Meanwhile, Derreck brings “Measure of a Man”, an episode iconic for its Data story line. Before the Mek’ba begins, we discuss a bit of Trek news including the results from the Saturn Awards plus the rumors swirling around the return of Picard.

Finally, break down the Twitter poll results from last week’s match for the Best Alien Encounter of TNG Season 1 which saw “Where No One Has Gone Before” going up against “The Neutral Zone”. Find out the winner, catch this week’s match-up, and then vote in the Twitter poll! 

What do you think of our two episodes? Which one is the best Riker episode of TNG Season 2? Do you think there is a better episode we missed? What are some future topics you’d like us to have in our Mek’ba for Season 2 or beyond?

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