Batman, Through the Years

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Batman, Through the Years

This week on Screen Heroes, Ryan and I are joined by our prop builder friend, Jon to talk about how the DC Comics iconic character, Batman has changed over the years in movies, TV, and video games. We hit on the classic Adam West version, Tim Burton’s take, as well as George Clooney. We also discuss the big Christopher Nolan trilogy and the highly anticipated Ben Affleck debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Outside of movies, we talk about the very popular Arkham video game franchise plus some of Batman’s better known animated works like The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: The Animated Series.

Before we jump into the Dark Knight, the three of us provide our initial thoughts on FOX’s new R-rate superhero film, Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. We’ve all seen it, now we talk about it. We discuss what we liked about it plus some things they might have done better. It’s a short part of the episode but beware.

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Derreck Mayer

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