Pitching a DC Comics CW Series

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Pitching a DC Comics CW Series

This week, each of our three hosts pitch their own TV series for The CW that exists in the DC Comics and DC Entertainment universe. The show can include any DC Comics character, but hopefully some that The CW could actually get their hands on. That’s about it for the rules. The shows can exist on Earth 1 with Flash and Arrow, Earth 2 or 3, or even whichever Earth (maybe 4) that Supergirl lives in. One thing we do is take the whole DCEU into account. While Barry Allen’s Flash exists in both The Flash TV show and in the movies, with different actors, we tried not to take advantage of that too much and focus on more DC Comics characters.

So, sit back, listen in, and let us know what you think of our DC Comics TV series pitches for The CW!

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