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Star Trek Beyond & Discovery

This week we boldly go reviewing Star Trek Beyond, which opened last weekend in most of the territories it will hit. This episode is full of spoilers as we talk characters and casting, motivations, plot points, the film’s resolution, special effects, costume design, and how the movie fits in with not just the Kelvin timeline but also the Prime timeline of the Star Trek franchise in its 50th year. Then, we talk a bit about the newly named Star Trek: Discovery series coming to CBS All-Access in January 2017. We talk about the title of the series, the title logo, and the ship design along with some of our hopes or thoughts on what we’d like to see in the next Star Trek series.

Star Trek Beyond won the US domestic box office, bringing in $59.25 million beating out The Secret Life of Pets, Lights Out, and Ice Age: Collision Course. The film had a $185 million budget not counting marketing and brought in an additional $30 million internationally bringing its opening weekend total to $95.5 million.

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